Electronic & Cosmetic Repairs

Amplifiers, Speakers, Mixers & Effects

These are some of the services we offer. If you do not see the service you require listed, please contact us to get a quote/more information.

Amps, Speakers & Effects

Amps, Speakers & Effects

  • Speaker/Driver Replacement (Stock or Upgrade).
  • Filter Capacitor Replacement. (Stock or Over-rate).
  • Reverb Tray Repair or Replacement.
  • Transformers or Choke Replacement.
  • Potentiometer Replacement – Rotary, Slider, Detent.
  • Switch Replacement – Toggle, Slide, Rotary, Rocker, Snap, ect.
  • Jacks & Connectors – AC, SPK, Input, Output, Loop, Recording-out, ect.
  • Tube Replacement for Pre-Amp, Output, Phase-invert, Reverb Driver, ect.
  • Bias Setting.
  • Tube Socket Replacement.
  • Fuse Holder or Circuit Breaker Replacement.
  • Hardware Replaced – Handles, Casters, Rubber Feet, ect.
  • Recover Amp, Speaker Cabinets & Grill Cloth with Covering of your choice.
  • Circuit Board Repair – Burnt P.C. Traces, Cracks, Jumpers, ect.
  • Add Fan for Cooling.
  • Repair Wire-harness & Buss Runs.

We Also Perform Custom Work and Modifications

Contact us for more information about custom modifications and specialized work.